Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-Peel®

Thunbergia  thun-BUR-jee-uh

Proven Winners Tangerine Slice-A-Peel®: 

Also called Black-Eyed Susan Vine, Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-Peel® thrives in full sun or part shade. From planting time through first frost, your thunbergia will climb up a trellis or patio post or drape prettily from a hanging basket. The plant is just as much at home in a container as it is in the landscape, so it’s a versatile addition to any summer garden. It can take sun and heat and keep on blooming and spreading. Also it’s an easy-care vine, with no need to deadhead flowers after they’re done blooming.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 60-96”/Spread: 18-24”         


Size Available: 1 Gallon


Thunbergia  thun-BUR-jee-uh

Thunbergia, or Black Eyed Susan, is a genus of 100 plants native to tropical Africa and Australia that produces vast, funnel-shaped flowers with dark centers (or “black eyes”) and heart-shaped leaves in hues of yellow, white, orange and blue. This flowering vine is as easy to care for as it is charming. The flowers look daisy-like at a distance, with five overlapping, solid-colored petals surrounding a brownish-purple center tube. The medium green leaves are a little coarse and grow opposite one another—they can be either heart-shaped or have a lance-like arrowhead shape. This fast-growing vine is best planted as a potted nursery plant in the spring once the soil has warmed. It can extend to 8 feet in one growing season.