Coleus Kong Empire Mix

Coleus KO-lee-us

Plants grown for foliage colors and textures. The variety in patterns is amazing, with solid colors, splashes, blotches, streaks, flecks, margins and veins. Leaf textures include, large, small, twisted, elongated, scalloped, lobed and finger-like. Excellent in both beds and baskets or as a houseplant.



New Kong Empire Mix                                      Height:  20”/Spread: 18”                Foliage Accent

Kong coleus is the king this season.  Grows tall with a well-mounded, compact habit.  Boasts huge leaves in bold colorations. Performs best in full shade.  Exceptional mass when planted in beds or use as a superb accent in containers.

1-Gal-B    7-28329-40000-3