Nemesia Sunsatia® Blood Orange™

Nemesia  nuh-MEE-zhuh

Proven Winners Sunsatia® Blood Orange™:

Like the summer sun, Nemesia Sunsatia® Blood Orange™ glows with bright yellow, orange and reddish warmth in a garden bed or container. The low-growing annual blooms nonstop from planting time through the first frost with no need to trim or deadhead the gorgeous blooms. Use this Nemesia as a filler in hanging baskets or other containers. The warm orange hues will contrast nicely with taller blue or purple plants and even deep green foliage.

Part to Full Sun

Height: 10-14″/Spread: 12-16″

Early Spring to Fall

Size Available: 4.25


Nemesia  nuh-MEE-zhuh

Nemesias are colorful annuals bearing wonderfully fragrant, vibrant flowers from late spring right through to autumn. Nemesias originate from South Africa and are frost-tender. They flower in a range of colors, including orange, red, pink, purple, blue and white, often with contrasting centers; some have bi-colored flowers. Full sun and free-draining soil are essential for nemesias to flower well as poorly drained soil can result in root and stem rots. Plant nemesias in patio pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and in raised beds, as well as in the ground as long as the soil is well drained. They make excellent partners with other summer-flowering patio plants or can be grown on their own or in small groups. Plant in a sunny spot after the frosts in well-drained soil. Deadhead to encourage more blooms.