Scaevola Surdiva® Blue Violet

Scaevola (Fan Flower) skee-VO-luh

Surdiva® Blue Violet: Intense violet blue fan-shaped flowers begin blooming in late spring and persist until frost.

Height:  6-12”/Spread:  18-24”      Spring-Fall

Size Available: 1801


Scaevola (Fan Flower) skee-VO-luh

Fan flower (Scaevola aemula), also known simply as scaevola, is an excellent plant for any region with warm summers. Scaevola is a sprawling plant with oval or lance-shaped leaves and, given a hot climate, it will produce a nearly non-stop display of dark blue fan-shaped flowers from early summer right up to frost. Scaevola plants fill a niche for gardeners seeking a heat-tolerant plant for their summer containers; its thick stems ensure drought tolerance in full sun locations, even in triple-digit temperatures.  Your plants will be low-maintenance performers as long as you give them warmth, sunshine and an occasional drink.