Portulaca Mojave® Red

Portulaca (Moss Rose)     por-tew-LAK-ah

Proven Winners Mojave® Red:  Mojave® Red has a mounding, trailing form making it an excellent choice for containers as a spiller when planted at the edges of mixed pots. It’s trailing habit makes this plant a perfect selection for hanging baskets. In the landscape, utilize Mojave® Red as a ground cover, in mass plantings, for borders, in mixed containers and for hanging baskets. It is an excellent ground cover. Mojave® Red is bee-friendly but also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Full Sun

Height: 4-8″/Spread: 12-16″

Late Spring to Frost

Size Available: 4.25

Portulaca Mojave® Red


Portulaca (Moss Rose)    por-tew-LAK-uh

A truly beautiful, low-growing groundcover type plant is called the Portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora), sometimes known as the sun rose or moss rose. Portulaca plants are native to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Portulaca flowers are easy to grow and enjoy. Portulaca tolerates many kinds of soil but prefers sandy, well-drained soil and loves the full sunlight. These plants are excellent for their high heat and drought tolerance. The cylindrical foliage of the Portulaca flower retains moisture very well, thus, regular watering is not needed. When they are watered, just a light watering will do, as their root zone is very shallow.